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$ Complexity

Quality of the Work:

All the instruments played in the tracks are real instruments and orchestras or synthesizers. I use Virtual Studio Technology and, lots of times, Live Recordings as well.  

The compositions – melodies, harmonies, drums and percussion – are fully original and designed entirely for your unique project.


The tracks are fully copyrighted after finished. Meaning that no one can use or sell them without permission from the artist or record label.


Customer Rights:

The buyer can specify the soundtrack mood; give time stamps for additional elements to sync to an event in a video, film or video game; can also specify the instruments that will be played in the track.

After the service is completed, the buyer can have up to two changes made to the work without a fee. After the second alteration, it is charged a $10 fee for each additional alteration.

Delivery Time:

~6 business days

*each track 



Packages have imbedded discounts that can reach up to 20% off. Specify your needs and goals when submitting a form for pricing information for higher discounts.

Packages Discounts:

2 to 5 tracks =   5% off;

6 to 10 tracks = 10% off;

11 to 20 tracks = 15% off;

21++ tracks = 20% off.

Additional Details About Themes:

All tracks contain themes with no additional fee – tracks can also be ordered without a melodic theme.

Genres and styles can be can be mixed with one another.

It needs to be specified in the order details.

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